10 weeks

Musicians should not play music, music should play musicians.

The first Sunday we met up to write a song after meeting, we didn’t know what to expect. Since inspiration struck & it was fun, we met up again the next week. 

Our Sunday night cowrite routine (Sunday night at 6) went on for 10 weeks straight, in which time we wrote 10 new songs. Our process developed pretty quickly, starting with an idea & allowing time to let the songs move us. 

Songwriting is a mysterious thing, and inspiration can strike any time… I’ve found that forcing inspiration doesn’t go as well as letting it compel me. 

Allowing time for inspiration to move helps, like a discipline. By setting time aside to write songs, our 10-week pattern inspired us to create The Tide Rose.

During that time, I posted 15-second clips of our iPhone Recordings on my Instagram account. The recordings are tagged #TTRDuo, if you’re curious to hear what our songs were like on the day they were first written.

Whether it strikes with 1 song or with 10, inspiration is where it begins.

TTR in 10 weeks - https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/ttrduo/