All We Have

After about 4 weeks of songwriting together (slash meeting), I grew curious what it would be like to put our brand-new songs “out there.” 

I saw that Ashland Coffee & Tea was holding a “Songwriter’s Showdown” for writers like us, so I asked Keilan if we could give it a try… I don’t recall the details, but I do know we signed up. 

At that point, we had written “Come Home,” “Must Be Dreaming,” “Such Things,” and “All We Have.“ We actually wrote “All We Have” that Sunday & sang it at the event, which was that Tuesday. We made it to the final 3 that night.

My experience sharing original songs was limited at the time, so I remember being nervous - butterflies & all. It was the 1st time I had ever sang with Keilan outside of our songwriting sessions, and I’d just barely known him for a month. 

The song we wrote that week, “All We Have,” was a good snapshot of things I felt at the time. In the bridge, we wrote, “Maybe someday I won’t have to turn around… and someday, I’ll be unafraid to just be here and now.” 

I have a tendency to dwell in the past, and dream so far into the future that I forget sometimes to just be present. In that moment at Ashland Coffee & Tea, I remember feeling very present… 

Singing like that woke me up.

For me, songs I’ve written with Keilan are almost like souvenirs from different moments in life that have influenced me. Music may forever be my favorite way to capture them.