Come Home

Today is the day after Valentine’s Day, and the day “Come Home” was written. 

A year ago today, I woke up with the chorus melody and lyrics stuck in my head. It was strange to me at the time, because I hadn’t heard the song before. 

I decided to capture it, so I did a voice memo of the chorus on my iPhone. 

In an effort to be more bold about songwriting, I posted the memo on my Instagram account. I remember my heart was racing before I published it. 

Since it had been one week since my first cowrite with Keilan, we’d planned another cowrite for 6pm that night. I decided to share the melody with him.

We turned this song into a dialogue, and tried to include as many harmonies as we could. Most of them were intuitive, and it was fun to make it up as we went.

That same night, I’d had a group meeting scheduled for a grad school project, but we were still songwriting. As before, we wanted to finish & record it as a keepsake. 

Not gonna lie - I missed the meeting that night.

But we walked away from our cowriting session feeling excited. It was hard to believe how quickly the song came together, and how illustrative it was to the story I was living at the time. It was relevant, and therapeutic, to write it. 

After we’d recorded the song on an iPhone, I must have listened to it on repeat that week at least a dozen times… and shared it with friends who knew I’d been songwriting. A few friends admitted to crying to the song, and I think I did, too.

It was about this time I realized Keilan & I were onto something. And so we said “goodnight” eventually, and set aside 6pm for the following Sunday.