Must Be Dreaming

Right about this time last year I had a riff and melody that I wanted to share with Whitney. It was originally inspired by my grandfather but I had never gotten around to finishing it, so I was excited to potentially create something out of it together.

Turned out she had a melody she wanted to share with me as well. Crazy thing is, her melody was in the same key as mine and they complimented each other super well.

What is this madness, where two people on opposites sides of town come up with two parts of the same song?

We both agreed it sounded like a lullaby so with our mutual obsession of The Civil Wars at the time, it turned into a hauntingly beautiful song about harrowing winds and ghostly dreams. Especially with the melody in the verses where we sing in octaves.

Anywho, this song is called Must Be Dreaming (and though we hardly ever perform it, it’s a pretty meaningful tune to all things TTR).

It was also recently included in The Virginia Lullaby Project put together by Stephen “Dash” Brown on his Community Service Podcast. The project collected children songs (originals and recreations) from musicians all over Virginia to help his newborn baby (and other little ones) fall asleep.