Such Things

One year ago today: 

It was a 70 degree Sunday in February which was weird. Also weird was the fact that I was on a stranger’s balcony and we were bearing souls together in order to write a song. (Although that shouldn’t be weird, and I wish it were more normal).

I was also sick that day (I get a terrible cold about twice a year and this was that time of year). So I remember not really wanting to go because A) I don’t know this person, 2) I’m sick, and D) I could be napping, it’s a Sunday. 

Before we began writing though, we decided we’d play a song that perhaps we were both familiar with: Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars. The song fell into place seamlessly and it felt like we had been singing together for years.

And with that, confidence was birthed to begin cowriting, which I had only done a handful of times before. We tossed around ideas and talked about recent inspirations and heartaches. Eventually we settled on a topic that resonated with both of us and wrote this song, “Such Things”.

It was refreshing to write a song so quickly and actually kinda like it, so we decided to write again the next Sunday. Little did I (we) know it would also be the next, and the next, and the next, and the…